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Coed Beach Volleyball – Mondays

Bust out your favorite short-shorts & baby oil. FWSSC beach volleyball is on! Diving, feeling the sand between your toes, and of course…. all your favorite people. Come on out and have a blast playing beach volleyball with the Sport and Social club.

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Coed Futsal – Wednesdays

Coed 5v5 Futsal will keep you moving, laughing, and cheering this winter. Get in the game and sign up today!

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Coed Wallyball -Tuesdays

This is one FWSSC’s favorite leagues. Super-fast paced (and you don’t need real skill). Bounce, turn, hit, bump, fall. Come play wallyball and you’ll soon be looking forward to Tuesdays as your favorite night of the week.

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Coed 5v5 Basketball

Get those shoes tied tight because you’re about to be on a fast break down the court for the game winning bucket. Okay, maybe not, but you’ll have a blast and a solid workout with full-court 5v5 games on Thursday nights!

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Different ways to sign-up for FWSSC leagues

  • Free Agent

    Congrats! You’re about to meet a ton of new awesome people. over 1/3 of FWSSC players either do or have signed-up as a Free Agent, so you’re in good company. By signing up as a free agent we will place you on an awesome team when registration closes. You will get an email notifying you which team you are on. You can email and say hello or just wait until gameday. Look at you, you highly sought after free agent!

  • Team Captain

    Captain, my captain. By signing up as team captain you are able to create your own new team that your friends/coworkers/peeps can join. You now have the awesome responsibility of choosing the most bestest team name, as well as selecting your team’s shirt color!

  • Team Player

    Sign-Up as a team player if you already know which team you want to join. Just use the drop-down and select the team name you want to become a part of and BAM!!! Welcome to team RAM-ROD!