dodge ball cancer event image


Dodge, Duck, Dive, Dip, & Dodge your way to the absolute best way to spend a Saturday afternoon in the service of saving balls. This tournament is a fundraiser in support of testicular cancer advancements via the American Cancer Society. FWSSC Dodgeballs are rubber coated foam, so no worries about playground flashbacks and fat lips.

Information to know:

* You must be 18+
* Championship and Consolation brackets
* 6 v 6 (recommend a total of 10 people so you don’t completely exhaust yourself)
* Teams are encouraged to come in costume attire
* Post game social hour at local bar
* Champion and Consolation winner trophies

Skill Levels

Recreational: Dodgeball is as tiring as you want to make it. If you plan on running, throwing, and dodging at full speed get ready for a pretty intense day. If you are more casual, you may just sweat a little.


Team Construction

  • 6 v 6
  • Teams should be at least 10 people, there is no max
  • Must have at least 2 females on the court at all times
  • 22 minute games (guaranteed at least 2 games)

*Coed Social Dodgeball:  Each player must adhere to both the Rules & Social Policy