Meet and connect with the sports and party people


Ro Martinez

Director of operations
If it looks like Ro is frantically running around, seemingly without direction… He most definitely is. He is pretty new at this whole “Admin” thingy and is trying his best to not look completely out of his element. Is fluent in sarcasm and has a smidgen amount of athletic abilities. He can answer your questions quickly, but will
most likely, “Get back with yah” at a later date.

Kya Pants

Director for Human Relations

Chris Collett

Tel: 260-338-6520

Chris has an amazing skill set in an in more impressively narrow field. His favorite saying is “Right On,” which could mean anything from you’re out of your mind to, “he totally agrees.” He once won a flip-cup game using pitchers, and even more, can hold his own on any cricket field. Some of this may not be true, but hey, it’s part of distributing awesome.

This could be you

Tel: 260.338.6520
Interested in a summer internship of epic proportions? You could be in an office all day…. Or you could be rocking out on the fields, getting to know Fort Wayne’s young professional crowd, and laughing at the post-game bar. Contact us and let’s chat.

Charles Time

Man of Mystery, Head Cheese, Navigator of the FWSSC Party Bus.

 A man my mystery and power, whose power is exceeded only by his mystery.  Charles was born at a very young age, somewhere around 3. He is a Good Samaritan, a washed-up athlete, and an especially gifted napper. He was addicted to the hokey pokey but has since turned himself around. He puts the elation in FWSSC Public Relations.