Coed Adult Kickball!!!

Everyone’s favorite League! Kickball is a bonanza of crazy fun and our most popular league. This game is for anyone wanting to have fun, relax, and enjoy some time outdoors with Fort Wayne’s coolest people.

Registration Includes

• 7 weeks of awesome Kickball fun
• Crazy-Fun challenges like flip-cup tournaments after games
• Team Shirts
• Exclusive drink specials after games
• Amazing food deals for your post-game hunger
• First, Last, and Most Social awards

Skill Levels

Fun – Kickball is for everyone. Sure, it helps if you have a massive soccer leg, but it doesn’t really matter. Kickball is simple, it’s fun, its a night back on the playground. The fun league has a points breakdown. 1/3 of your points come from winning games, 1/3 come from being in your team shirt and/or theme gear and on time to your game, and the last 1/3 come from having the most players at the social bar after games. There is NO bunting in the fun league. There is a semicircle line that the ball must cross to be considered fair.


Team Construction

  • 10 fielders
  • Teams must be at least 12 people, there is no max
  • 4 Female requirement
  • 6 innings (or if it happens first, one hour)

*Coed Social Kickball – Each player must adhere to both the Rules & Social Policy

Social Policy Rules