FWSSC Summer 1 Season Leagues (May-June)


Coed Kickball Fun league – Thursdays/Sundays

Everyone’s favorite League! Kickball is a bonanza of crazy fun, and our most popular league. This game is for anyone wanting to have fun, relax, and enjoy some time outdoors with Fort Wayne’s coolest people.

Thursday Kickball Sunday Kickball

Coed Softball – Tuesdays

Dust off your glove and play in everyones favorite Softball League! We are running adult softball leagues @ Lawton Park. Your FWSSC Softball registration covers your team shirt, field fees, post-game happy hour and champion prizes. Have a whole team? Sign up as a Captain and start your squad. Don’t have a whole team? No worries; simply sign up as a Free Agent or small group and get to know your new mates!

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Outdoor Flag Football -Tuesdays

Will you hoist the Lombardi? Get those X’s and O’s ready for a night of fun flag football.  This league is for fun, its for bragging rights, its for a cold post-game beer. Cheers to you, and welcome to Flag Football.

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Outdoor Soccer – Mondays

Running, Scoring, passing…. Welcome into Coed Outdoor Soccer. Oh, the smells of fresh cut lush green grass. Ripping off your shirt as run down the field after a goal (well, if you want to).

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Grass Volleyball – Tuesdays

Get out in the open and enjoy Grass Volleyball. Join this whirlwind of ball smacking, set & spiking league. Give yourself a pat on the back and say congrats, and welcome to Grass Volleyball!

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Competitive coed Kickball- Thursdays

Kick bombs or bunt and run. Kickball, fun, friends…. all with a little sprinkle of competition baked in. Traditional rules with a 2-week playoff at the end.

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Coed Wiffleball -Mondays

Suffering from Spring Fever? We’ve got your back! Batter up in this simply fun league. All the joy of playing ball, except with less skill necessary, like way less skill. No gloves, no helmets, just balls in Wiffle Ball.

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