Coed WallyBall


Yeah, WallyBall. Volleyball in a raquetball court, and yes that means the walls are active parts of the court. This is the best and most awesome-est winter activity available in Fort Wayne. Ater games we will all meet up at our partnered bar for a rocking good social event.

WallyBall is a fast paces whirlwind of chaotic laughter, and you can be at the center of that chaos.
Teams consist of at least 8 members. Each team must have at least 2 females on the court each round, with a total of up to 5 players. Yes, you will want subs for this one. The ball is volleyball sizes, but more rubbery, kind of like a raquetball. Knee/Elbow pads are allowed, as well as any safety gear you deem prudent.

Say Hello to Winter, but Goodbye to those winter blues by joining Fort Wayne’s coolest people in this active and whackey league!

Everyone’s favorite League! Kickball is a bonanza of crazy fun, and our most popular league. This game is for anyone wanting to have fun, relax, and enjoy some time outdoors with Fort Wayne’s coolest people.

Registration Includes

• 7 weeks of awesome Wallyball fun (6-weeks for Thursdays in for holiday season, 2020)
• Team Shirts
• First, Last, and Most Social awards

Skill Levels

Recreational – Wallyball is fast paced. Everyone is welcome at WallyBall, though you may enjoy this sport more if you don’t mind a little sweat.


Team Construction

  • 5 v 5
  • Teams are limited to 6 people
  • Must have at least 2 females on the court each round
  • Rally scoring, each round is a match to 10 points. At the conclusion of each round teams switch sides and continue. Whichever team has the most rounds won after 55 minutes wins the game.

*Coed Social WallyBall– Each player must adhere to both the Rules & Social Policy

See Official Rules Social Policy

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